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“I have so much love and respect for our natural crown. Therefore, it is important you look like ‘U,’ feel like ‘U’ and most of all love the ‘NaturalU’."

-Whitney Eaddy


Whitney Eaddy, hailed worldwide as ‘The Growth Guru,’ developed an understanding that protective styles are essential for a healthy hair lifestyle. She fell in love with the look of extensions, but struggled to find healthy options, as well as extensions that looked like her own hair. In search of healthy protective extensions that mirrored the look and texture of kinks, coils, curls and waves, Whitney decided to take matters into her own hands. As a result, the NaturalUHair Illusions was birthed.

With the natural hair movement on an exponential rise, Whitney aims to provide a blueprint for all natural to achieve their best hair life through moisture and length retainment. For generations upon generations, we as women of color have neglected our natural hair. All to adhere to beauty standards that just don’t naturally apply to us. We are now in a time where we are breaking that wheel and together creating a new, more natural beautiful for all afro-queens. Together, we will mitigate any and all barriers stopping women of color from rocking their curls. 


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